The road ahead

Our time in Nebraska is coming to a close. Goodbyes are being said, going away celebrations are happening, and memories are shared. These last three years in Lincoln have been some of the best for our family as we’ve grown and changed and learned more about what God has in store for us as missionaries. Leaving Christ Lutheran Church will be hard, but God has used this place to prepare us for our new ministry in a way that we could have never anticipated. I could blame all of this on having twins, but I know that’s not how it works. But those two boys certainly made us ask some questions about our lives and God used them to start things in motion toward Lutheran Bible Translators once more. It’s amazing what God can do with the smallest things. We are excited to leave and sad to go. It’ll be a hard transition, so remember us all in your prayers. These things can sometimes be hardest on the little ones. So God bless the big Grulkes and the little ones in this season of change.

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