Moving to a deeper trust

Now that we are in a season of full-time partnership development, I have been reflecting on our call to serve as missionaries with Lutheran Bible Translators.  I trust that God is calling us to this mission, but it takes another level of trust altogether to believe it enough to ask other people to support it.  When we visit churches and individuals, we are boldly asking people for their prayers-not just today but regularly and their hard-earned money-again, not just once, but regularly.

Our budget is large.  Living overseas with a family of seven is not inexpensive.  Sometimes I wonder if God should have called a single person or a couple with no children to serve this mission.  It would cost less, after all.  A single person would not need a vehicle that seats seven or school tuition, for example.  A couple with no (or grown) children would have more flexibility and fewer demands on their time.  What is God thinking, sending a family of seven overseas?

So it comes down to this question: do I trust that God is calling us-all seven of us-to this mission of Bible translation?  Do I trust that the cost-in finances, time, and sacrifice of comfort- is worth it?  Do I trust God enough not only to go, but to ask others to support our work?  When I dig deep, when I pray and sit in stillness hoping to hear God, I conclude that yes, I do believe God is calling our family to this mission and yes, God is calling others to support it.  Our large family will provide open doors to forming friendships and community in a unique way.  Our limited flexibility will cause us to rely on God all the more.  Trusting God’s call takes a huge weight off my shoulders.

If God is calling us, God will provide the support we need.  If I ask you to support me, and you’re not feeling called to give, it’s ok.  No pressure.  God will provide.  No one needs to give us financial support out if guilt.  God will provide cheerful hearts in the right supporters.  Here’s what I ask: pray about supporting us financially, especially on a regular basis.  If supporting us is not where you’re feeling led, no problem!  Blessings to you wherever God calls!  If you are feeling called to support us, give us a call or send us an email or let us invite you over for dessert.  I trust that God will provide.  Pray that our trust would not waiver as we continue in this season of partnership development!

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