John 1 and noun classes

John 1 gives us a great picture of the relationship between the Word (Jesus) and God, two members of the Trinity. But it can be hard to track who exactly the verses are talking about when describing who is doing what in the passage, especially when John is added as another character in verse 6. English translates all of these pronouns as simply “he”, which means it takes the reader time and effort to sort out to which of these three a particular “he” refers: God, Jesus or John. 

Not so in Shekgalagari. Because of the way the language uses noun classes, it is instantly clear to the reader which pronoun refers to each character: God, Jesus and John. Pretty amazing how language works!

Check out the picture to see what our software looks like and to get an idea of how we use it to help translate God’s Word in a way that is faithful to the original and easy to understand in Shekgalagari!

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